Each unique piece produced in Whitehead Custom Crafts is a story from the soul of the master craftsmen, Will Canavan. A carpenter his entire life, all Will ever wanted to do since he started walking was to be working with wood. He got his first tool kit at 5 and the carpenters on his father’s building site would leave all the nails on the floors so will could go and bang them in.

Carving wood also started at a young age and he was barely out of the school playground when he was carving hands out of carrots in Tullow (he even sold a few). Will had killed the tree in the back garden by banging nails into it before making his first piece; a tudor spinning chair (pictured) which was a chair he crafted when he was only 17 years old.

During his time in carpentry school he went on to create custom made furniture, beams, staircases and doors. The beams and fireplace Will carved as teenagers are still present in the family home in Tullow, Ireland. (see photo).

After a career that took him away from carpentry and around all corners of the globe, Will’s passion for carpentry found its way back to his life with his interest in bush craft. Will started hand carving Kuksas and very quickly found there was a lot of interest worldwide in authentically crafted Kuksas. He now has friends all around the globe who are equipped with a hand-crafted, custom Kuksa.

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