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KUKSAS: Hand Carved and Delivered Worldwide

Whitehead Custom Crafts provides clients all over the world with beautiful, handcrafted kuksas.
Kuksas are traditional cups original crafted by the Sami People of Northern Scandinavia. These traditional cups are crafted using traditional techniques and traditional woodworking tools.
With over 3 decades of experience honing his craft, our master carpenter creates stunning Kuksas that are beautiful, completely unique and practical.
Everyone of our kuksas are finished with a layer of food safe oil that brings out the rich amber hue of the wood. This send oil also creates a durable, smooth, sheen, that makes our kuksas the perfect camping accompaniment.

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For more information on the traditional techniques and traditional tools used on each and every one of our Kuksas, get in contact with Whitehead Custom Crafts today.

Kuksas: The Perfect, Unique Gift

For the camping enthusiast, the avid hiker or for anyone who appreciates beautiful handcrafted woodwork, Kuksas make a unique, thoughtful gift.
Made from carefully selected wood and crafted to highlight – not to hide – the stunning naturally occurring patterns of wood grain, our kuksas are as beautiful as they are practical.
Every one of our kuksas are finished with a layer of food safe oil that brings out the natural grain of the wood. This makes our kuksas the perfect camping accompaniment.