Hand Carved bowls and plates

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BESPOKE BOWLS & PLATES: Delivered Worldwide

Whitehead Custom Crafts provides beautiful bespoke examples of hand carved plates and bowls, that are available for sale all over the world.
Carved from solid wood, our bowls and plates are designed to highlight the timeless elegance of professional woodcraft. We treat all our plates and bowls with natural food safe oil to accentuate the rich intricacy of the wood grain’s finish.
Our bowls and plates are beautiful and practical additions to any home or camping gear bag. Their natural finish, masterful design and stunning aesthetic adds a warm, earthy ambience to any kitchen or home.

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Bespoke Bowls & Plates

Made from carefully selected solid wood like Burl Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut or Pink Oak, all our bowls and plates boost a complete unique wood grain pattern. This natural occurring finish – beautiful in its intricacy – makes each and every one of our pieces completely unique.

Our one of kind pieces can be a thoughtful and unique gift for the craft enthusiast in your life.
The elegant smooth finsih of our handcrafted bowls and plates means they can seamlessly blend into the aesthetic of both contemporary and traditional home interiors.