Whitehead Custom Crafts’ master carpenter is available for commission work.
Do you want a custom designed bar at your boutique hotel? Does your church require an elegantly craved set of benches? 

Then get in contact with Whitehead Custom Crafts today. Our master craftsman is available to discuss the requirements of your project and the logistics involved in taking your commission from inception to completion.

We’re available to advise clients through each stage of the project. 

To speak to our master craftsman about your commission, get in contact with Whitehead Custom Crafts today.

Our Commissions

When a piece is commissioned with Whitehead Custom Crafts we assure clients that the very best solid wood is used and that every part of the process is completed by hand. Our master carpenter only uses traditional hand tools. The artistry of the process is never undermined by the use of machines. Our finishing procedures, where we treat the wood with natural food safe oil, creates a strong, smooth finish that protects the piece.
A commission with Whitehead Custom Crafts means clients receive a one of a kind, custom made piece, to be cherished for years to come.